Pet Grooming

Bring your dog to an experienced dog groomer that has groomed multiple breeds of dogs.  Regular grooming of your dog has the benefit of cleanliness.  Bringing your pet in for dog grooming with a dog that sheds can reduce the amount of hair that is left around the house.  This is good for your pet, good for your house and reduces cleaning time.


Dog Grooming Services include:

Nail trimming
Keeps the feet and joints comfortable

Ear cleaning
Helps prevent infections in some breeds

Customized “haircuts”
To breed standard or short clips; custom styles to suit your needs

For a healthy coat. Expert de-matting also available.

Sanitary shaving
Bums and stuff.

Hypo-allergenic shampoo and blow drying

Anal gland expression
Two tiny sacs should empty on their own but sometimes they don’t and become full. In this case they need “expressing”.

Ear hair removal
To allow air circulation and prevent wax build-up and infection in some breeds.

Skin health assessment
Help with fleas, dry skin, oily coats, excessive shedding.