Looking for a Specialist Cat Groomer in Toronto?

At Posh Pooches we will happily groom your cat when he/she needs to be groomed. Regularly grooming your cat will help keep their coat nice and clean, and can also diminish the shedding of fur and reduce some of the unwanted hair around your house.  Your cat is groomed in our home and no sedation is ever used.  We know how precious your pet is to you, and if you are ever concerned about the grooming process of your cat, you are welcome to stay and watch, (or even participate), if you’d like.  We are located in the area near Bloor West Village, Baby Point, Toronto Junction, High Park, we also have people coming from areas outside the West End of Toronto too.  We welcome all pets!

Matted Fur in Cats

Although most cats spend plenty of time grooming themselves, often, their fur can become matted. Despite self-grooming, some cats can still suffer from matted fur.  When your pet’s fur becomes tangled and matted, it can have severe negative effects.  Even though your cat or dog may not appear to be effected by the matting in their fur, it can cause discomfort or worse.

Matted fur can lead to some of the following if not treated:

  • Irritation of the skin
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Infection of the skin
  • Increased Hairballs in their system

Treating their fur to remove the mats, will make your cat more comfortable and reduce the risk of any negative side-effects. In excessive matting cases, it is preferable (and beneficial to the cat) to have your pet shaved to remove the matting and allow the skin to heal.   When a cat is shaved, the cat’s fur will quickly grow back in to it’s natural state.  Regular brushing after a shave or de-matting, will prevent further matting from occurring. If you have any questions about removing matted fur in your cat (or dog), please contact us, or bring your pet in for a cat grooming appointment.

Of course, cat grooming is a different process than with dogs, but we will treat your pet as if it were our own. We will always handle your cat with care and make sure they leave with the best possible shine to their coat.  Grooming for a cat varies by cat and by your preference.  We can clip your cats nails and give their coat a brush-out and perhaps a wash if needed, or we can give your cat the lion cut.  The lion cut is often used for longer haired cats.  This particularly helps when fur gets matted and can help reduce shedding at home.

Price for Cat Grooming

Cats will be groomed at a flat fee of $65.

Flat Fee Pricing includes: Lion Cut (or de-matting, brush-out), Nail Trimming, Bath (if needed)

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